Tough Duck Feature Descriptions

Feature Symbol Glossary

You’ll find these symbols and product features within our product descriptions. This guide will help you understand what they mean.

Waterproof breathable product feature icon

Waterproof Breathable

All of our waterproof breathable fabrics have a Polyurethane barrier on the back side of the fabric to prevent water from passing through to your skin and it prevents the absorption of water or liquids. This same barrier will also allow air to pass from the skin through the coating & fabric to aid in comfort and dryness.

Water resistant product feature icon

Water Resistant

Our water resistant fabric is treated with finishes to prevent water from penetrating it. Rain, snow and liquid that hits it will bead off the surface making it roll away / shake off with ease.

Flex fabric product feature icon

Flex Fabric

Flex fabrics are engineered to allow for greater stretch, added comfort and increased range of movement.The stretch or flex is either engineered into their construction, inherent within their fibre content, or both!

Wind-resistant product feature icon

Wind Resistant

Wind resistance is engineered into our fabrics using a crafted weave construction and/or through added interior barriers. They help keep the wind out and the warmth in.

Anti pill fabric product feature icon

Anti-Pill Fabric

Anti-pill fabric is treated with a special finish to prevent the fabric from “balling up”. This helps keep up the appearance of the garment and increase its longevity.

Segmented reflective product feature icon

Segmented Reflective

Segmented tape is a heat transfer process applied to garments. There’s no thread and restrictions making for a more comfortable fit. It’s generally used on lightweight items and provides the same performance as reflective tape.

Quick release hood product feature icon

Quick Release Hood

In the event of an accident, the quick release snaps make it easy for the hood to detach from the shell quickly and safely.

Inside and media pockets product feature icon

Inside & Media Pockets

Many of our garments are thoughtfully designed to incorporate personal device storage that’s close to the body to keep them easily accessible and secure.

Taped seams product feature icon

Taped Seams

Taped seams enhances garments to ensure the wearer stays dry. Every critical seam is secured on the interior with a waterproof taping to ensure no water will seep through at the seams. This gives the garment a full waterproof rating.

Snaps at leg openings product feature icon

Snaps at Leg Openings

Quick release snaps are added to leg openings to make it easier to get pants and overalls on and off whether the person is wearing boots or not.

Double knees product feature icon

Double Knees

Double knee garments are crafted with two layers of shell fabric to create a double layer barrier where it’s needed most. This increases durability and the life of the garment.

Kneepad pockets product feature icon

Knee Pad Pockets

Garments with knee pad pockets have a double knee feature that allows the wearer to insert a foam knee pad into the bottom opening of the patch with ease. The pockets feature stitch reinforcements to help keep the knee pads secure and in place.

Waterproof seat and knees product feature icon

Waterproof Seat and Knees

A waterproof barrier is added to the interior of the garment in the seat and knee areas. This barrier prevents snow and water from penetrating through to help keep people dry in snow or damp conditions. We further enhance the barrier with seal tape at the back rise to ensure no water seeps through at the butt seam.

Zip-to-the-hip-zipper product feature icon


Our Zip-to-the-hip garments are engineered with a full length, durable and 2-way zippers zipper to allow full access to the side of legs. This allows easy access to boots from the bottom and inside pant pockets and from the top at any point needed.

3 inch tall extension product feature icon

3″ Tall Extension

Our 3″ leg extensions help people customize the inseam on our overalls/bibs to any length for a great fit. They’re coupled with adjustable shoulder straps (on bibs) allowing for top-to-bottom adjustability.

Industrial laundry product feature icon

Industrial Laundry

All of our industrial laundry garments are durable enough to withstand frequent washing through industrial laundry facilities. They’re perfect for uniforms.

Tunnel Dry Icon

Tunnel Dry

Tunnel dry garments are built specifically to withstand the rigors of industrial finishing by uniform company laundries.

Harness opening product feature icon

Harness Opening

The harness opening provides access through the garment for jobs that require fall protection equipment/harnesses.

Embellishment friendly product feature icon

Embellishment Friendly

Embellishment Friendly garments make it easy for a logo to be added; be it embroidery, screen printing or embossing. Some garments allow access through the carefully planned design of the garment and others include embroidery access zippers.

Mining Compliant Icon

Mining Compliant

As of July 1, 2016, all miners in Ontario, Canada, who work underground or on the surface between sunset and sunrise, must wear hi-vis safety apparel that meets the requirements of sections 262 and 263 of regulation 854 mines and mining plants of the occupational health and safety act. Therefore, garments can no longer have any contrast colour and must be solid entirely.

Extended Sizes Icon

Extended Sizes

Look for this symbol to determine which garments come in a size larger than 3XL.

welded zipper

Welded Zipper

Our welded zippers ensure a garment’s closure is waterproof/breathable and they have a reflective strip.